Day 12 – Penelope Banana

Penny is the sweetest pup ever. We saw her for the first time when she was a week old, she was tiny and very white. We went to see her again a few weeks later, she had grown a lot and had some spots. The most noticeable ones were on her forehead and looked like she was wearing a headband. We brought her home from Birmingham when she was eight weeks old. She travelled well and slept all the way.

She is three years old now and is very cheeky and silly. She has a sweet face and is instantly liked by everyone. Here is a picture of her sitting in her favourite place, next to the radiator.

Ps. Her complete name is Penelope Banana (middle name chosen by husband).

Penny Pup

Hubby update: He is still in the hospital and will possibly stay there for the next couple of days. He is looking better but still quite weak. Can’t wait until he is able to come home with us.


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