Once in a lifetime: A Symphony of British Music

I took over a thousand pictures in that one single day. It has taken me two months to sort through them, choose the best ones and then edit them. I need to get a bit faster! I hope you enjoy them.

After searching day and night for two weeks we managed to get hold of two tickets for one of those once in a lifetime events. Mark is the one who found them and asked me whether he should proceed and buy them. I replied ‘yes’ right away. The next day I booked the day off work and couldn’t help but feel really excited for the entire following week.

We set off to London early on Sunday morning. We got there about 11ish and went to see the men’s Marathon. As we arrived a bit late we only saw the last two laps. I cheered excitedly when the Peruvian athlete ran past us; so much that I forgot to get any pictures of him. Raul Pacheco is from the same town where I was born. I believe he originally wanted to be a football player but was later encouraged by a teacher to do athletics. His first competition he won wearing only football boots. Olympics are not very big in Peru, so getting financial support can be very difficult for most sportspeople. Due to this lack of support, proper nutrition and equipment; I felt very proud as he finished 21st in a total of 85 runners. Well done Mr.Pacheco!

After all the excitement from the Marathon we decided to go for Lunch at Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant. Ceviche, Anticuchos and the Carapulcra were delicious as always with a glass of Pisco Sour and Inca Kola to cool down. It was quite a warm day. We arrived at the Olympic Park at about 4:00pm. We were told we couldn’t enter the park until 6:00pm so we did a bit shopping to pass time. I got myself a t-shirt and got some key chains to send to my family in Peru. On our way to the Park, the excitement could be felt all around. Friends and families walked happily together.

Inside the park we had to wait a little longer before we could enter the stadium as some acts were still rehearsing. Once inside, the stadium was quite impressive; we were the first ones there so I was able to take lots of pictures. There was entertainment pre-ceremony and lots of Mexican waves. Then the time came, the countdown started and the show began!

The Olympics closing ceremony was an unforgettable experience. Seeing all the Olympians from many countries around the world walking together like brothers and sisters to celebrate the conclusion of the games was one of my highlights. The celebration of British Music and seeing artists that once I only dreamt about wasn’t too bad either. The Olympics and the Paralympics inspired me and I hope it inspired everyone out there; specially the future generation.

I hope the pictures below show what a great event it was 🙂


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