I have never been a very sporty person. Physical education is mandatory in Peruvian schools and back then I used to hate sports. I was always one of those people who was chosen last when teams were picked. Nevertheless, four years ago when I heard the Olympics were coming to London I couldn’t help it but get really excited.

I learnt to swim when I was 15. It has been ever since one of the only sports I am kind of good at (no team building necessary). Even though I am not a sporty person, I was looking forward to London2012.

A year from the start of the Olympics, I wasn’t sure whether we were going to be in England or in Peru. Our trip to Peru was originally meant to be in July. It was only a week before the start of the Olympics that we managed to get some tickets to visit the Olympics Park on the 28th of July. It worked out quite well as the 28th Peru celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. I love celebrating my country’s Independence Day and what a better way to celebrate it by visiting the two new Peruvian restaurants in London.

Lima, one of the new restaurants was our first point of visit. We made our reservation a bit early as we made plans to visit some friends later on to watch the Opening Ceremony together. We arrived at Lima around 5:00pm. We were the first ones there. I quite enjoyed being there by ourselves, it felt very romantic. Lima is beautifully decorated and the service was excellent! I loved it the way we got a brief description about the ingredients of our dishes. It was great to know that everyone that visits the restaurant gets to learn a bit more about the lovely Peruvian food. The dishes served at Lima were absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. The Suckling Pig was the highlight of our visit. I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Below are the pictures we took at Lima. If you are around Fitzrovia and would like to try something new, don’t forget to visit!

After our meal we decided to go for a quick walk around London to soak in the atmosphere. It was great to see that all the famous monuments were decorated to celebrate the Olympics.

After all the excitement of the Opening Ceremony I was really looking forward to visiting the Olympic Park. Our ticket was valid all day so we decided to give the National History Museum a quick visit in the morning.

The Olympic park turned out to be a lot bigger than what we expected. We were there the entire afternoon and managed to walk around the entire park. Even though we didn’t have tickets for an event the park was full of things to do. We got our picture taken with the Olympic torch, got a free pic taken with the stadium in the background courtesy of BP. We sat in the grass, watched some Tennis and ate some Crêpes. We saw a few celebrities and enjoyed of the great atmosphere around the park.

At the end of the day we went to Soho to visit Ceviche Food and Pisco Bar. The restaurant was completely packed. I ordered a Pisco Sour and a ceviche to start with. The food was lovely and we were able to enjoy different dishes. The Yuca and Tequeños were by far my favourite.

Our weekend in London was definitely a success. We both had a great time and we made our mission to find some tickets for an Olympic event. Our search paid off as we managed to get some tickets for the Olympics Closing Ceremony! Pictures of that on my next post 😉


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