Pretty Favours

Hi again! It has been a while. The lack of posts is because I went back to my country for a short holiday. I say short because the time I spend there is never enough. I had planned to do a post before we left but with last-minute preparations I couldn’t find the time.

While in Peru, we had a few specials occasions to celebrate. One of them was my mum’s birthday and the second one was our Catholic wedding. We got married here in the UK but only a few of my family members were able to come, hence the decision to also celebrate with all my family and friends over in Peru.

The weeks before leaving were quite hectic, we were trying to find the right favours to take to Peru. We wanted something very British. My mum did the same when we had the wedding here. She brought some small Peruvian crafts called ‘Mates Burilados’. They were beautifully handmade in my birth town of Huancayo. They were as far as I could tell a success with all the guests.

After spending many hours browsing the internet we finally found the perfect favours; small pots of jam and crackers. The pots of jam were decorated with Union Jacks and it celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee and the small silver wedding crackers were the right addition. I came across Christmas crackers here in Britain and I love them! Here are the photos I took of the pretty favours 😉


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