What it means to be Peruvian?

I want to share this piece of clever advertising with you. The campaign “Marca Perú” or “Brand Peru” in English was launched in 2010. As part of the campaign a 10 minute video was released, it shows the audience what it means to be Peruvian. The video starts with a bus, with the Perú branding, arriving to a town in the American state of Nebraska called ‘Peru’. The bus full with Peruvian personalities has arrived to Peru, Nebraska to show its habitants what it means to be Peruvian. If you want to know what it means…please press play.

This short video is clever as it offers the audience a new type of experience. A Peruvian holiday does not only offer beautiful sceneries or historic monuments but it also offers the traveller the opportunity to live Peru. And as the campaign’s concept puts it “There is Peru for everyone”.


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